Wednesday, September 30, 2009

My art room is finally unpacked!

If you read both of my blogs, I am sorry, but this is a re-post. I thought it was pertinent to both, and I love seeing peoples working spaces.

Sooo... you may have seen my Before pictures. If you didn't then this probably doesn't seem like a great accomplishment. It is not as nice as some beautiful craft rooms I have seen, but I really love it- and I am so grateful to have a whole room... especially since I kinda need it...

This is my dress form with a work in progress on it. I got the form at the last thursday market in portland and it didn't have a base so adam made this one for me. It is great but I really need to be able to turn it. I am trying to decide what to do to make the bottom cohesive. Behind it I have a metal shelving unit filled with supplies. I have block printing
supplies, lots of watercolor and acrylic painting stuff, jewelry findings, a whole tub of sweaters I have already felted but not decided what to do with yet, a tub of lace and sewing findings, a tub of needle felting supplies, and a tub of clothing that I plan to upcycle... someday.

Then I have my sewing/drawing table, file cabinet, and a little metal rack with the billions of prismacolor markers I got when I was at FIDM and the few that I acquired since (really HOW many shades of each color do you REALLY need when you have been taught to blend colors... I DO need some new blending markers though.) , a few reference books, and my FAVORITE several past issues of Vouge Collections. I have an easel in the other corner, but I am not ready to share that painting (sorry).

And then there are the closets... They look messy but I know what is going on. Adam, my dear husband made me the shelves for the fabric.

I am glad my art room is actually usable (and a little more baby friendly) now that it is unpacked... I just wish there was enough time for everything I love to do!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

It's so Nice...I want to color the same picture twice.

Ink Drawing...

Blue Octopus print

Purple Octopus

These are available as prints in my etsy store for $12.50 each. You may notice that they are VERY similar. The way I made these prints was by doning the origional drawing and printing copy's out on marker paper. Then I colored them. I really like how they turned out. (the prints are NOT done on my home printer.)

I also did this heart, becuase I was not sure If I wanted it left black and white or if I wanted to color it.

I am wanting to make appliques with Iron on transfers out of this, and put them on arm warmers, shirts and things.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

"Artists Block" by Erica Voges

When I started this painting I had NO idea what to paint, as the title suggests, but I made myself sit down to the canvas without a plan, and this is the result. It has been a favorite of many ever since.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Hi there!

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Thursday, September 17, 2009

"Moonlight Tryst" by Erica Voges

This painting is a great deal because it is on flat canvas. You can check it out in my etsy store!