Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Handmade Wedding:Repost from my other blog (www.acrylicandsteel.blogspot.com)

This was originally posted on my other blog: www.acrylicandsteel.blogspot.com

Handmade Wedding: Custom Wedding Dress FINAL PICTURES.
So, For those who have been watching the progression of this custom wedding dress, here are the Final pictures (which also means that if you are tired of looking at it you will be glad to know that it is finished! ) You can see the original sketch for this dress here:http://2.bp.blogspot.com/_MbslqFmDhaI/SzBTt6KYdOI/AAAAAAAAAvk/Sy5CXewNwLg/s1600-h/TarasDress1.jpgbslqFmDhaI/SzBTt6KYdOI/AAAAAAAAAvk/Sy5CXewNwLg/s1600-h/TarasDress1.jpgThis project ran so smoothly I can hardly believe it is over... I keep thinking I MUST HAVE MISSED SOMETHING- but at this point it really just needs to fit, and most minor changes I would expect the customer to have done locally by a tailor, and we used a muslin fitting garment so I expect the fit to be pretty good.This dress is Designed By me, the patterns are made by me and it is entirely sewn by me as well, including some beautiful hand sewn details. This is a finished project that I am very proud of. I knew I could do it of course, but sometimes you have to DO something to convince your knowledge of your capabilities to overcome your insecurities.I was also commissioned by the same person to make this birdcage veil and facinator:

The facinator which can be worn without the veil

The veil, which can be worn without the facinator too, of course.
The dress is very versatile and has four pieces, a bolero, a top which is fully boned, an underskirt with alencon lace details, and an over skirt with an inner tie up system that adjusts the length of the skirt (and then several pin on flowers)
That means it can be worn like this:

(this is the alencon lace underskirt)
Or like this:

(this is the over skirt when it is all the way down)

(This is the back, it has a very small train)
A few detail shots:

(The bottom of the dress worn as it is intended)

(this is to show the detail of the pleating on the bolero)
And this is how it is meant to be worn:

I took these pictures in old town in Albuquerque, New Mexico

We got a lot of comments about how beautiful the dress is, which means a lot to me, because they see a LOT of dresses as it is a very popular place to get married and get wedding pictures taken, so the shop owners there see a LOT of dresses.

I should have taken some business cards :)

For future reference... (you know, like market research...but less organized and targeted)
I have a question for YOU...
How much would you pay for this handmade custom designed wedding dress?
What about the veil and Facinator?

Consider it a guessing game. I will tell you in a few days how much I charged for this dress, as long as it is known that I will never ever make a dress like this for that price again ;)
that is...unless, I just feel like designing, or you are my good friend, or....
I really loved making this dress because the customer had some ideas but she really let me design it myself, and that is important to me, but I know I underpaid myself by a pretty long shot.


PS- if anyone is interested in a custom wedding dress, veil or facinator, feel free to contact me either by email: ericahvoges@yahoo.com or by convo in etsy http://acrylicandsteel.etsy.com/

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New Posts At The ther blog!

An old picture of Autumn (8months?)at work after getting into some grease!

Hi! I have written Several new posts at http://www.acrylicandsteel.blogspot.com/ so please go check it out!

Topics include:


-surgery and recovery

-Fashion awesomeness

-science?.. surplus?.. funny item descriptions?

Thanks So much!

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