Thursday, December 03, 2009

I want to design my own fabric!

I prepared these two images to start designing fabric on They are from my painting "moonlight tryst" (click the link to see the origional painting, which is only $35)


I Choose2BHappy said...

Thanks SO much for the tip about spoonflower! I've been wanting to do my own fabric for ages. Maybe I'll do one with the octopus! :)

T @ Poppy Place said...

What fun to make your own fabric.

Your Octopus seems to be very popular :)

Can't wait to see the final project, going to check out spoonflower :) regards, T.

Have a wonderful weekend. :)

missbmckay said...

That is so exciting! Please keep us posted when you do. I'm working on some designs for the first of the year. I just love the idea of producing something from fabric I designed. Good Luck, that's a beautiful start. Quilters and designers alike will love to get their hands on that.

cabin + cub said...

Love these... I am such a sucker for all things with birds! :)


Beautiful! I'll buy some when you do:)