Wednesday, September 30, 2009

My art room is finally unpacked!

If you read both of my blogs, I am sorry, but this is a re-post. I thought it was pertinent to both, and I love seeing peoples working spaces.

Sooo... you may have seen my Before pictures. If you didn't then this probably doesn't seem like a great accomplishment. It is not as nice as some beautiful craft rooms I have seen, but I really love it- and I am so grateful to have a whole room... especially since I kinda need it...

This is my dress form with a work in progress on it. I got the form at the last thursday market in portland and it didn't have a base so adam made this one for me. It is great but I really need to be able to turn it. I am trying to decide what to do to make the bottom cohesive. Behind it I have a metal shelving unit filled with supplies. I have block printing
supplies, lots of watercolor and acrylic painting stuff, jewelry findings, a whole tub of sweaters I have already felted but not decided what to do with yet, a tub of lace and sewing findings, a tub of needle felting supplies, and a tub of clothing that I plan to upcycle... someday.

Then I have my sewing/drawing table, file cabinet, and a little metal rack with the billions of prismacolor markers I got when I was at FIDM and the few that I acquired since (really HOW many shades of each color do you REALLY need when you have been taught to blend colors... I DO need some new blending markers though.) , a few reference books, and my FAVORITE several past issues of Vouge Collections. I have an easel in the other corner, but I am not ready to share that painting (sorry).

And then there are the closets... They look messy but I know what is going on. Adam, my dear husband made me the shelves for the fabric.

I am glad my art room is actually usable (and a little more baby friendly) now that it is unpacked... I just wish there was enough time for everything I love to do!


Bonzai Beadwear said...

looks so organized!! well, except for the closet lol! :)

velvetwoods said...

Great job,I think it's organized.

Mangogyrl said...

Wow it sure looks great!